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Welcome to Hub City Cycles

Their Here! Electra Bicycles! Bring on the Style!

Electra bicycles are beautiful to behold and ride!
Show your flare with an Electra bicycle. These beauties have stellar paint jobs with exquisite styling. Plus, every Electra is designed for top-notch comfort and a great ride! Swing by and check our full line of Electras soon!

Welcome to Hub City Cycles

Welcome to Hub City Cycles, #1 Trek bicycle store in Hagerstown, Western Maryland.  If you ride a bike then Hub City Cycles is where you want to shop! If not, then you need to buy a bike from us and ride! It's GREAT FUN!!!!!!

We sell and service bicycles and bicycle related accessories, equipment and parts. We also have a nice selection of cycling clothing, helmets and shoes. In the winter we sell trainers to even ride indoors. Our main brands are Trek, Gary Fisher, MirraCoHaro, PREMIUM, ThuleSaris and CycleOps.

Please Share The Road

Cyclists are sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. By showing common courtesy and respect on the road, we can ensure the two-way street is a safe street for all. Video created in partnership with the Share the Road Cycling Coalition and CAA.

USB Rechargeable Lights from CygoLite

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day


An annoying ride-ruiner, chainsuck is when the small or middle chainring snags the chain beneath the chainstay and pulls it upwards (where the "suck" part of chainsuck comes from). This sometimes jams it between the chainring and the chainstay bringing pedaling to a grinding halt. Chainsuck is usually caused by mud, worn components and/or lack of lube.


For all your cycling needs, Hub City Cycles is your place to shop! (map)

Sale Hours: Monday - Saturday 10-6, Closed Sunday

Phone: 301-797-9877  ::  Email

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